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We’re excited to announce the general release of our Easy Digital Downloads add-on for Conductor.

This add-on enables users to create comprehensive landing pages, storefronts and marketing pages for their Easy Digital Downloads products. Easy create custom layouts to showcase your products without having to write a line of code. Visualize your page build out in the WordPress customizer and save changes as you make them.

adding EDD fields

adding EDD fields

The Conductor EDD add-on leverages our custom fields add-on to pull in specific product fields. You can change the label of these fields or re-order the display of the fields on your page.

Supports any well-coded WordPress theme

In the video below, we demonstrate the new add-on with our Symphony theme and with Easy Digital Download’s new theme, Vendd.

EDD add-on in action:


Ready to start building your next EDD store? Get Conductor!

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