COH Episode 1

We’re starting a new series of a webshow called, Conductor Office Hours.

We’ll hold these events every Thursday at 12PM Eastern. Well almost every Thursday, the next is scheduled for October 9, 2014. The show will cover new announcements for the plugin, upcoming releases, and how-to methods for using it on your WordPress website.

Here’s a look at episode 1.

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Customizer: Communicating with the Previewer

Throughout the development of Conductor, we wanted to make sure that we remained parallel with WordPress and the direction that core was headed in. We feel that the Customizer is the future of WordPress, even though it may need an overhaul eventually. In this series we’ll talk about the in’s and out’s of the Customizer functionality Conductor uses. The first bit of tech that we’ll be talking about is how we are able to communicate with the Previewer window within the Customizer.

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A page builder that isn’t a page builder

There’s a lot of WordPress Page Builders out in the market.

Some are basic, providing a shortcode to enable some core layout options not easily available for non-developers. Other plugins focus on the entire experience of building a website from granular CSS elements to the broader layout control. Often times, page builders can get a bad rap from WordPress users that build sites for a living.

A robust page builder, for example, can give you the entire kitchen sink for style and layout options. On one hand, the average DIY WordPress user can build complex websites without having to hire a developer. On the other hand, they are working with options and standards that require a developer to explain all of the options to them.

Then there’s the amount of excessive code or “bloat” that a big design plugin can add. A catch-22 for sure.

So how does Conductor fare in this crowded marketplace? Meet the page builder that isn’t a page builder at all.

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Using AgentPress Listings plugin & Conductor with Winning Agent Theme

We’re excited to announce the availability of the AgentPress Listings add-on support for Conductor.

In today’s tutorial, we’ll show you how to setup AgentPress Listing and Carrie Dils’ Winning Agent Genesis Child Theme to leverage Conductor for custom listing page displays. We’re making it easy to display custom listing layouts including AgentPress custom fields — without code.

Here’s what you will need:

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Say Happy Birthday, Save 10%

Today is a special day!

We shipped the latest version of Conductor with WordPress 4.0 support and it’s Scott’s birthday! Scott’s the lead developer of Conductor and Director of Web for our parent company, Slocum Studio.

Let’s take a look at some new key features in this release and find out how you can save 10% for our birthday celebration.

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What is Conductor?

Conductor was born from a need we discovered within our custom WordPress work at Slocum Studio. While building content-rich sites for our clients, we were constantly asked for a solution to customize the website’s display of content.

From site to site, we were building use cases for an easy-to-use plugin that produced a user friendly widget. Something that was powerful enough for developers, but easy enough for the common author or editor to manipulate.

WordPress is best and originally used for publishing content. However, most WordPress themes display content using the same stale display. Out of the box, WordPress doesn’t allow us to curate unique collections of our content to put on display for our visitors.

Conductor changes all of that.

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