Wrangle custom post type organization

Conductor Spotlight is back, featuring Jonathan Christopher of SearchWP.com and WordPress shop, Iron to Iron.

You’d be hard pressed not to use Custom Post Types if you’re managing a lot of content with WordPress. It’s one of the features that really makes WordPress shine as a content management system. Though creating CPT’s isn’t the easiest of tasks. Then there’s the whole management and visual organizational structure of custom post types.

How do we do this eloquently and effectively?

Enter the Hierarchy plugin from today’s spotlighted guest. We’ll dive into why Jonathan created this plugin and how he manages his work/life balance.

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Meet Jason Resnick of WP Field Guides

Today’s Conductor Spotlight shines on Jason Resnick of WP Field Guides.

Jason’s podcast and newly launched product is poised to help other WordPress developers get a little bit better at their development process. We’ll discuss how you can improve your deployment process, start a dev journal, and offer clarity for thew new web developers coming into this space.

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