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How do Conductor sidebars work?Let’s find out!

We’re not doing anything different with our sidebars than that of core WordPress. They are traditional sidebars that help us build the layout containers on a theme — and we’ll explore that in today’s lesson. When we built Conductor, we wanted an easy way to transport our content layout & display from theme to theme. Most WordPress builders bake this into their theme, which for the most part, locks you into a starter theme. Switch out of that theme and you lose your custom layout.

Not with Conductor.

Video overview of Conductor Sidebars


Who is this for?

For the curious WordPress do-it-yourselfer who is about to use Conductor for their next project. Also, someone who is generally curious to learn how WordPress sidebars and widgets work.

It’s also for the person who’s wondering, “where did MY sidebars go?” when they enable a Conductor layout. As you will learn in the video, you don’t have to use Conductor for layout purposes and using the widget works just fine.

What are we accomplishing?

The video shows you how to enable a Conductor layouts and guides you through how our custom sidebars are loaded. Further, we’ll show you how to drop your Conductor widget into the sidebar and display your content.

For example, scroll over this image and see how the transition of your default homepage turns into a Conducted homepage:

Once you publish your Conducted view, the unique sidebar will be created and you are free to drop your Conductor widget or any other widget into that sidebar.

When will we see results?

The video is only a few minutes long, so you should have a solid understanding by the end. If you don’t understand it, feel free to contact us. Conductor was born out of a need to systemize and make our own site building process more efficient. What normally took a few hours to code together, now takes a few minutes. We hope you find the same success with your next WordPress project and Conductor.

Where can we Conduct pages?

In today’s example, we’re using Conductor on the homepage of our website. However, you can Conduct any frontpage, post, page, custom post type, or archive page using our product.

Moreover, you don’t need to use Conductor layout choices on your website. If you like the power of the Conductor widget on it’s own, you can use that freely in any registered sidebar of your theme. It even works with Dynamik.

Why sidebars?

As I explain at the start of the video, we wanted something portable.

We knew that most builders locked you into a theme and that was a major drawback. If you built a content layout using Conductor, you could switch themes whenever you wanted. This was great for bloggers who actively tried new themes and for client’s that wanted to redesign their website.

It also meant that it was a great tool for developers or do-it-yourselfers to take from project to project. It’s not locking you into a set method or framework. It works one page and one widget at a time. Plus we have tons of hooks for you to use.

(And sometimes) How?

How does this all come together? Watch the video to find out. If you’re ready to take Conductor for a spin, get it here.

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