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Genesis is the most popular WordPress framework on the market.

Not only do they offer a comprehensive offering of WordPress themes for your business, their framework empowers you to build sites more efficiently. There is one caveat, however. You still need to be a developer to create custom layouts for your content. Sure, you can dig through their vast and well documented support pages, but sometimes you need a solution that will do it for you.

You can do this with the Genesis add-on for Conductor.

Why a Genesis add-on?

A builder like Conductor needs to work across many WordPress themes which includes the popular Genesis framework.

Unlike other builders, we’re not injecting ourselves into a single page or post. In Conductor’s current iteration, we’re creating a new loop so that you can control the display of what WordPress considers an ‘archive’ page. You can do this on any page, post, or archive page.

So, why are we doing that?

We’ve learned that content publishers don’t want just a single page built for them — but a whole category or display of content. They want to have a homepage with curated content and then take that same granular control to their individual category archives. Sometimes they want no sidebars on a category page or they want many — Conductor does that for them.



The Genesis challenge

When we built Conductor, we built it to support core WordPress output markup. Meaning we could support most themes that used the familiar HTML and CSS code. Genesis uses their own slightly-custom markup and tends to add some of their own unique styling around that. In other words, in order to add pure Genesis support, we needed to develop the add-on.

Learn more about our templating system.


Here’s a before & after example using the Genesis add-on for Conductor:


Start customizing the content layout of your next Genesis project!

The Genesis add-on is available now and is included in the Business, Power User, and Developer packs. Go get it!

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