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Creating a services page in WordPress is one of the most common steps when putting together a new business or marketing website.

It’s the place where your customer goes to learn more about you and what you have to offer. It’s critical that our offering looks clean and that it’s easily readable. It’s also important that creating pages like this don’t take a lot of time, because we’ll end up fine-tuning them as our business chugs along.

In today’s tutorial, we’ll show you how to create simple services pages in WordPress using our Conductor plugin.

Tutorial: WordPress Services Pages

I’m using my friend Bob’s site,, to demonstrate how we can build his services landing page in just a few minutes.

Video Tutorial


Here’s a before and after image of what we’ll accomplish in the video lesson:

 What you need

As you can see it only takes a few minutes to create a simple, but powerful services page for our WordPress website. You might find this lesson useful for your own website or for your client’s website.

We’ve talked about optimizing landing pages before and the great thing about Conductor is — you’re not locked into a layout. It’s very easy to move around your widgets or add/remove sidebars to test new layouts. So when you want to launch a new product or give your homepage a new section of content — boom — it’s easy.


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