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Note version 1.2 is now available on Get it now.

There are some great features that are introduced in this version which make the core plugin and our Conductor plugin even better. To celebrate the 1.2 release, we’re offering a 20% off discount when you upgrade to Conductor Business and above. You can use the code: ELCAPITAN20 to save 20% off your order.

Let’s explore what you can do with with Note 1.2!

The WordPress Customizer

Ah, the WordPress Customizer. You either love it or you hate it, but either way, it’s here to stay.

We love it and we continue to invest in developing and advancing the experience of using the core WordPress customizer. Other WordPress products spend time creating their own “customizer-like” experience with heavy overlays or completely different panels altogether. While that works for them and their product, we’re working to stay parallel with WordPress core and to avoid interrupting a user’s default WordPress experience.

This leads to two major wins when you use Conductor + Note:

  1. WordPress compatibility
  2. Less overhead having to train and support users

By avoiding fragmentation of the user experience, you can feel much more confident using Conductor for your next web project! If you want to stay ahead of the curve and weigh in on some of the core Customizer discussions, I suggest reading this post by Ryan Boren.

New Note Features

Here are a few new features loaded into the free version of Note.

Add a sidebar to any WordPress page or post


Hovering before/after content to reveal add sidebar

Why this feature?

We wanted to bring the “page building” experience of Conductor into Note. Even if you’re not a Conductor customer, you can leverage note to add a sidebar to virtually any page of your WordPress website and stack widgets for specific purposes.

Say you have a well-optimized landing page for selling lawnmowers. Perhaps you want to drop a WooCommerce widget above or below that well-ranking content to increase sales. Install Note, add a sidebar, drop in a widget. Magic!

New Note edit button


Hover over the ‘edit’ icon to reveal widget shortcuts

One of our favorite new features is the the new edit button.

While it may seem trivial at first, this advancement of the customizer make building your pages so much faster and more intuitive. You can quickly add in any widget or Note widget into your new sidebar. You can also drop in Conductor widgets when you have both plugins active.

Want to remove the sidebar? No problem. Simply click the ‘x’ icon and it will prompt you to delete the sidebar.

Modal messages

Informational Note modals

Informational Note modals

Although modal’s are relatively trivial, we have added them for adding or removing Note sidebars. We prompt the user before taking these actions to assure it’s what they want to do.

New video



And a new promo video, because everyone loves a new video! 🙂

Official 1.2 Changelog

Also available on

  • Introduce Note Sidebars
  • Introduce Note Sidebar UI Buttons
  • Introduce Note Modal Windows
  • Introduce Note Settings
  • Introduce Note Settings page in Dashboard (Settings > Note)
  • Introduce Note uninstall functionality
  • Replaced ‘note_widget_content_placeholder’ filter with ‘note_tinymce_placeholder’
  • Adjust CSS on various Media Frame elements
  • Fixed issue where an uploaded image could not be inserted into a Note Widget during a Customizer session; Thanks Lise Galipeau
  • Fixed JavaScript error where the “frame” object was not yet added to the object and Note modal commands were attempting to listen to the missing “frame” object resulting in a JavaScript error
  • Fixed bug where content within an HTML address tag could not be aligned via the Note Toolbar properly while editing a Note Widget

For a limited-time save 20%

Remember, for a limited-time, you can save 20% on your Conductor purchase to celebrate the Note 1.2 launch. You can use the code: ELCAPITAN20 to save 20% off your order.

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