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Do it live — in the customizer.

Conductor works great in the WordPress customizer. No longer do you need to switch from the back-end to the front-end to see your changes. Stop asking yourself, “How will this look when I display 10 blog posts in a table?”

View all of the custom content changes of your home page or interior pages in realtime.

Conductor makes customizing WordPress pages easy

Normally it takes hours to create custom displays and layouts of pages. Conductor allows you to rearrange content and change the display on the fly, all within the WordPress customizer.

This is great when you’re setting up important call to actions or you want to give specific content priority over the other. For example, you might want to showcase your latest 3 blog posts at the top of the page, but what happens when there’s a breaking story? Perhaps a featured product?

No sweat.

Use Conductor to drag-and-drop content around the layout of your WordPress website.