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As we continue to improve Conductor for our customers, we wanted to find a way for potential new customers to experience the plugin, without having to purchase it.

While you have a 14-day money-back guarantee, sometimes you need to try before you buy — we get that. Since Conductor plugin isn’t in the repo (yet), the best place to download a copy for evaluation is our Github account.

In today’s video, we’ll take a look at finding Conductor on Github, and running through your first example query!

Download Conductor for free

If you’re not familiar with Github, it can feel a little overwhelming navigating around the site. Clicking the green download button will get you a copy to install into your WordPress website. While we position Conductor as a tool for WordPress professionals, we realize some of you are learning your way to that title, so we invite you to try Conductor’s powerful query features.

First, let’s highlight the pros and cons of using our Github download:


  • Trial Conductor for free
  • Take your time to evaluate the code
  • Try it in a project you’re actively working on


  • No direct e-mail support
  • No auto updates
  • No access to all of the add-ons

There’s a lot of great features packed into Conductor and we hope that you have a chance to try them out. Our focus is to help you create powerful content blocks for WordPress. Don’t forget to checkout our How it Works page, for other video tutorials on using Conductor plugin.

Still not sure if Conductor is right for your project? Contact us today and we’ll help you determine if Conductor is right for you.

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