Choose from small, medium, large, or even a table!

Conductor knows that you don’t use WordPress for just blog posts.

You might use WordPress custom post types for your products or services. WooCommerce might power your e-commerce pages. How can we pick up that content and then display it in various shapes and sizes on the front of your website?

Say hello to Conductor.

Show off your content with different displays.

  • Small, medium, and large will allow you to showoff content in 25%, 50%, or 100% widths. Great when you have a lot of content to show off.
  • Table display will show your content in a table. This is great for directories or more data-focused content.
  • List display — show off your content in a list!
  • Grid display will feature content in a traditional grid layout

Each Conductor widget can have it’s own unique display which means you can mix and match to create custom pages!