The 3 Panels of a Conductor Widget:

  • Content settings — What content do you want to promote and how?
  • Display settings — What should this content look like when displayed?
  • Advanced settings — Fine tuning for the advanced user.

Let’s review the decisions you make along the way:

Content Settings Panel

  • Select one or many
  • Posts, Pages, or Categories
  • Choose to order by
    • Date, Author, Comment Count, Most Comments, Post ID, Parent, Title, or Random
  • In descending or ascending order.
  • Show set number(#) with a set number(#) to display per page.
  • You can also offset by starting at a #


Display Settings Panel

  • Select from Small (25%), Medium (50%), Large (100%), and Custom (Custom %) to display your widget.
  • You can then choose to hide elements:
    • Widget title, Post title, Author byline, Featured image, and the Read More link.
  • If an exerpt exists, Conductor displays that by default. If none, a summary of the content is displayed.
  • Choose to limit the content display to number(#) of words.
  • Optionally overwrite the default “Read More” label.


Advanced Settings

  • Select a featured image size to display.
  • Apply a CSS Class to further style your individual Conductor widgets
  • You can include posts by using comma separated post ID’s.
  • You can exclude posts by using comma separated post ID’s.