This function loads the core (main) Conductor template on the front-end. The default main Conductor template is named conductor.php.

This function is hooked into the template_include filter and will only load the Conductor template file if the requested content piece has a Conductor content layout selected.

Registered Conductor content layouts can specify a template in their config data upon registration. If a template is specified in config data, Conductor will look to use that template instead of the default main template.

In either case (whether a template is specified in content layout config data or not), Conductor will look in the active theme directory for a Conductor template before looking for that template within Conductor assets.

If Conductor cannot find a specific template (i.e. a custom template specified in content layout data), it will fall back to the main conductor.php template included with the plugin.

The Conductor template is passed to the conductor_template_include  filter before it is returned.

Technical Details



There are no examples for this function. It is meant to be utilized in core Conductor logic and should only be used outside of that logic in rare cases.