This filter is used to change the arguments passed to the Conductor_Widget_Query instance.

Note: Due to the nature of this filter, it is advised that only developers with extensive knowledge on the internal workings of Conductor use it. Many of the default values should be left alone in order for the Conductor Widget Query to function properly.

This filter is executed when the Conductor_Widget::widget() function is called (when a Conductor Widget is displayed, before the query is initialized).

Conductor Widget Query Args Settings Data Structure (array keys and values):

The following list outlines the default values for Conductor Widget query arguments.

Technical Details

  • Type: Filter
  • Parameters:
    • $conductor_widget_query_args (array): Conductor Widget query arguments
    • $instance (array): Conductor Widget instance (settings)
    • $args (array): Conductor widget arguments (before_widget, after_widget, before_title, after_title)
    • $widget (Conductor_Widget): Conductor_Widget instance
  • Default: array



The following example adds a custom query argument parameter to Conductor Widget query arguments.