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Web design, development and marketing agencies have a wide variety of tools at their disposal for more efficient projects.

From managing projects to simplifying code and design, you have options for making every project a little easier. These tools are cost effective and can shave hours from your usual project time.

While there are hundreds of great tools, these seven are some of the most valuable for agencies. Try them yourself today to see how much they can help you.


Trello is a powerful project management tool. The online tool is available in both free and business ($3.95 per month/per user) versions. Trello allows you to make individual cards with lists of what needs to be done for each task. Projects are then made up of different cards. You can add team members to each project. They can add cards, comments and make changes so you always know what’s going on with a project.


Keeping track of client feedback is often difficult. Emails get lost, tracking progress on bug fixes is complicated and keeping a list of all bugs is often impossible. Bugherd is designed to simplify the process. The software integrates with the client’s site so they can report bugs or request design changes straight from their own site. All feedback is gathered in a single place that’s easy to keep track of. You can delegate tasks and see what’s being done so you’re able to take care of the client in a more efficient manner.


Basecamp was created by web designers as a better way to keep track of projects. You can invite people from other agencies to work on the same project or even add clients so they can add their ideas and feedback throughout the project. All details are kept in a single location and you can add permissions so anyone added to the project only accesses the sections they’re a part of. This is ideal for preventing clients from seeing project details before you’re ready. All communications are handled through the online tool, making it easier than ever to stay on track.

Red Pen

Get everyone involved in a visual way with Red Pen. This easy to use, yet powerful tool allows everyone on your team to collaborate. Upload the latest version of your design along with pop-up comments wherever you need them. Use a private link for clients and team members to get valuable feedback. No more confusion on which elements need to be changed. Click the comment dot directly on the element to view comments and add your own. The tool even keeps track of different versions of your project for future reference.


Conductor is a great plugin for quickly changing layouts of WordPress pages. The plugin eliminates the need for coding so you can change layouts in minutes. A few quick edits and the entire page layout is different. It saves hours on coding, especially if clients request various layouts to determine what they like best throughout the project.


You can’t always meet face to face with your clients or other agencies. Anymeeting is a low cost (starting at $18 per month for 25 attendees) conferencing and webinar solution. It’s a must have business tool for meeting with clients or team members who aren’t in the office. The tool is not only great during project development, but for support after the project is finished. You can let clients ask questions or walk through how to do certain tasks.


Want to create a visual representation of your project to show team members or clients? Conceptboard is the ideal tool. It can be used for project management, but the online boards are perfect for creating and collaborating on designs. Add feedback on specific elements to help turn designs into finished projects. Think of it as a virtual whiteboard for the entire team to work on together.


Save time and communicate with clients easier with these easy to use tool. If you’re not already using them, try them out on your next project. They’re great for most design and development agencies. The small fees on most of them are well worth the time savings.

Not sure which tool to try first? Try Conductor and see just how easy it is to customize your layouts in minutes.

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