How to trial Conductor for free

As we continue to improve Conductor for our customers, we wanted to find a way for potential new customers to experience the plugin, without having to purchase it.

While you have a 14-day money-back guarantee, sometimes you need to try before you buy — we get that. Since Conductor plugin isn’t in the repo (yet), the best place to download a copy for evaluation is our Github account.

In today’s video, we’ll take a look at finding Conductor on Github, and running through your first example query!

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Small Business Website

7 Things Every Small-Business Website Needs

No small business is complete without a professional website to serve as their 24/7 store front.

Putting up a few contact details and an About Us page isn’t enough though. A successful small business website has seven elements that can’t be skipped.

These elements are crucial for giving a first good impression to visitors and aiding visitors in finding your site. Ensure all of these are included and you’re well on your way to a great business site.

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Ideal Length For Web Page

Is There An Ideal Length For Web Page Content?

The ideal length for web page content is a long debated topic by experts and readers alike.

Some online publications get by with a few paragraphs and some images while others use thousands of words per story. Each type of publication is successful.

Uncovering the perfect length involves a little trial and error. It also involves understanding your core audience and what they like best.

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Conductor and Note – Version 1.3.0

We’ve been working hard during the past few months to add some exciting features to Conductor and Note. We’re happy to announce that both were just updated to version 1.3.0 and they are packed full of improvements and new features.

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How To Help Your Clients To Create Better Article Headlines

Some headlines do nothing but bore potential readers and drive them away, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Help your clients turn those bland headlines into click worthy titles without resorting to click bait tricks. Your clients will be happier and so will their visitors.

With practice, your clients will start creating better article headlines worthy of the stories they post. It all starts with the right advice from you.

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Content Shapes Design

Why Content Should Shape Your Design

The debate over whether content or design is more important may never be resolved.

The one thing everyone should agree on is that content shapes design. This is why it’s important for designers to have content as early as possible.

Explaining the importance of content to the design itself often helps clients understand why they need their content finished before the site is complete.

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Images for Stories

Are Your Clients Using Enough Images For Their Stories?

Images are an important part of any story an online publication posts.

They help grab a reader’s attention when scrolling through the homepage and break up a page full of text. The hardest part is figuring out how many images to use.

The number of images for stories varies based on each individual story. The best part is your clients have a variety of image types to choose from.

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Excerpt Length

How Long Should Excerpts Be On Online Publications

It’s impossible to post every story in full on an online publication homepage. That’s where excerpts come in.

The problem is finding the perfect length to encourage visitors to read more while not taking up too much space on the page.

While there’s no set excerpt length, there are several ways to determine how many characters or lines an excerpt should be. Every online publication will have their own strategy based on their audience.

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Using Social Sites

The Best Social Sites for Online Publications

Every online publication knows social media is one of the best marketing tools and one their visitors expect.

The problem is determine which of the many networks is right for a specific publication. Choosing the best social sites is key to reaching the target audience.

Online publications are finding the best results with only a small handful of sites. It’s always better to limit social sharing to a small number of sites instead of trying to use every available network.

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