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Customizing any WordPress theme is getting easier with Conductor.

In this demonstration, we show you how you can extend the very popular Web Savvy Marketing Genesis Child theme, Patricia. Rebecca’s team develop a host of amazing Genesis Child themes and this non-profit focused theme is one of their most popular.

Please note: Conductor works with any theme from Web Savvy’s collection!

What we’re accomplishing: 

  • Create a unique page layout
  • Display a mix of unique content
  • Use sidebars to your advantage
  • Demonstrate the value of Conductor and the Patricia Child Theme

Create custom layouts and content displays

Featuring custom content displays

The example in the video is to create a unique page that displays the non-profit mission news on the top of the page, with our current news below that. We’ll also demonstrate the ability to change entire page layouts on the fly – including sidebars. Think about your client’s website where they want to position specific content throughout the page to determine the priority. Normally, you would create a custom page template and drop in the query to display the content.

A fair approach, but what happens when your client wants to have control over that content? Or when they suddenly want to add or remove sidebars. They certainly aren’t going to open up their favorite editor and dive into PHP.

In today’s demo, we use the Blogger version of Conductor to change a page layout and then we drop in a few Conductor widgets to display our featured content. Here is the “blueprint” for creating this page:

Page layout + Conductor widgets used 

(Drag the bar to see before and after)


The focus of this demo is to show you how to extend your Patricia Genesis Child theme or any theme from the Web Savvy collection.

You can repeat this on any page, post, or archive page of the website. Use it to create unique landing pages or collections of content that you would like to feature. You can leverage your existing WordPress widgets to take the unique layout even further.

Interested? Buy Conductor and get started today!


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