This function determines whether or not a Conductor content layout has been selected for the current content piece on the front-end.

The following content types are validated by Conductor (in this order):

  • Static Front Page
  • Home (Blog) Page
  • Post Type Archive
  • Single Post
  • Single Page
  • Category Archive

This function also is sets up references on the Conductor class to the current content layout and current content layout data for Conductor::get_conductor_content_layout() and Conductor::get_conductor_content_layout_data().

The result of this function is is passed to the conductor_is_conductor  filter before it is returned.

Note: The earliest that this function can be used reliably during the life cycle of a page is at or after the wp action (due to the use of WordPress conditional tags).

Technical Details

  • Type: Function
  • Parameters:
    • $ignore_default_layout (Boolean) (optional): Used to specify whether or not the default ("Disabled") content layout is ignored when validating content layouts for a piece of content
      • Default: true
  • Return Value: Boolean