This action can be used to output HTML markup for a specific registered Conductor Widget display in the Conductor Widget Display Settings section. This action is triggered for each registered Conductor Widget display that is not a default Conductor Widget display.

Note: The dynamic portion of the filter ($size) is the ID (array key used during registration) of the Conductor Widget display.

Note: See conductor_widget_settings_display_preview for a list of CSS classes which can be used in HTML markup for a Conductor Widget display preview.

This action is executed when the Conductor Widget displays are output in the Conductor Widget form via Conductor_Widget::form().

Technical Details

  • Type: Action
  • Parameters:
    • $instance (array): The Conductor Widget instance (settings)
    • $widget (Conductor_Widget): The Conductor Widget instance



The following example outputs HTML markup for Conductor Widget displays. It can be used in conjunction with the example on the conductor_widget_displays documentation page.