This filter is used to change the registered Conductor Widget displays. This filter is used to register Conductor Widget displays.

Note: Conductor Widget displays are expected have a unique ID (array key).

Note: Registered Conductor Widget displays will likely require CSS adjustments on the front-end. Styling for registered Conductor Widget displays is left up to the developer.

This filter is executed when the Conductor_Widget::__construct() function is called (when a Conductor Widget instance is created).

Conductor Widget Display Data Structure (array keys and values):

The following list outlines the parameters which can be used when registering a Conductor Widget display with an array of configuration data.

Note: Conductor Widget displays can be registered with a string for the “value” or an array of data for the “value” (see examples below).

Note: At a minimum, Conductor Widget display data must contain a label (whether the “value” is a string or an array). Custom data can be added under any parameter that is not listed below.

If the Conductor Widget display is registered with an array for the value, the following structure can be used:

  • label (string): Label for this content layout, should be unique, shown below the display preview in the Conductor Widget
  • customize (array) (optional): Customizable Conductor Widget properties for this display
    • columns (Boolean, array): Allow for column customization, if Boolean (true) columns can be customized for both single and many queried pieces of content
      • single (Boolean): Allow for column customization on single queried pieces of content
      • many (Boolean): Allow for column customization on many queried pieces of content
  • defaults (array) (optional): Conductor Widget properties to set defaults for when this display is selected
    • columns (int): Number of columns to default to when this display is selected (cannot be smaller than 1 and cannot be larger than the maximum number of columns value)
    • output (array): Output element properties to default to when this display is selected, array key must match ID of output element (see examples below)
      • link (Boolean): Whether or not this output element should be linked, must be used on an output element which supports linking
      • visible (Boolean): Whether or not this output element should be visible
    • post_thumbnails_size (string): Featured image size to default to when this display is selected
Conductor Widget Display Data Examples:
__( 'Small', 'conductor' )
	'label' => __( 'Custom', 'conductor' ),
	'customize' => array(
		'columns' => true
Custom Widget Display with Data:
	'label' => __( 'My Custom Display', 'text-domain' ),
	'customize' => array(
		'columns' => array(
			'single' => false,
			'many' => true
	'defaults' => array(
		'columns' => 2,
		'output' => array(
			// Featured Image
			'featured_image' => array(
				'link' => false
			// Author Byline
			'author_byline' => array(
				'visible' => false
			// Read More
			'read_more' => array(
				'visible' => false
		'post_thumbnails_size' => 'thumbnail'

Technical Details

  • Type: Filter
  • Parameters:
    • $displays (array): Default Conductor Widget displays
    • $instance (array): Previously a Conductor Widget instance (settings), currently an empty array (likely to be deprecated or replaced in a future version)
    • $widget (Conductor_Widget): Conductor_Widget instance
  • Return Value: array



The following example registers Conductor Widget displays. It can be used in conjunction with the examples on the conductor_widget_settings_display_preview and conductor_widget_settings_display_preview_{$size} documentation pages.