This filter is used to change the values for Conductor Widget instances (settings) on the front-end.

Note: To view a list of Conductor Widget instance (settings) keys/values, see conductor_widget_defaults.

This filter is executed when the Conductor_Widget::widget() function is called (when a Conductor Widget is displayed).

Technical Details

  • Type: Filter
  • Parameters:
    • $instance (array): Conductor Widget instance (settings)
    • $args (array): Conductor widget arguments (before_widget, after_widget, before_title, after_title)
    • $widget (Conductor_Widget): Conductor_Widget instance
  • Return Value: array



The following example demonstrates how to add a custom setting to Conductor Widget instances based on a CSS class.

Note: This example is nearly identical to the conductor_widget_update example. The difference between the two is that conductor_widget_instance is only executed on the front-end at run-time and conductor_widget_update is executed in the admin upon updating/saving of a Conductor Widget (stores data in the database).

The following example demonstrates how to create a custom callback function for a single output element (a custom field).