After a project is complete, you don’t want your clients to disappear.

Selling them ongoing support packages allows you to retain clients while ensuring their sites work properly. Convincing them to buy isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

Once you explain how many benefits there are, most clients are eager to buy ongoing support. After all, it saves them money over time.

Explain Regular Maintenance Tasks

Most of your clients likely have no idea how much maintenance is involved in running a site. From updating software to reviewing security, there’s always something to be done. Make a list of all routine tasks that should be performed to keep the site running smoothly. Include a time estimate for each task as well. This provides your client with an outline of how much time they’ll save by buying a support package for regular tasks.

Also explain what happens if the tasks are left undone. For instance, if a WordPress security update isn’t installed, it could place the entire site at risk. If the site has members, the business could be placing all their members at risk too. The more details you provide, the more likely the client is to buy.

Create Different Support Levels

A common mistake is to create a one size fits all package. Some clients may not need full support while others might need help with even the smallest tasks. Create different ongoing support packages to meet the needs of all types of clients.

For instance, your lowest price package might include a limited number of support calls per month and only provide support for major upgrades. Another package might include unlimited support calls and regular design changes to the client’s site.

Combine With Other Services

Clients feel they’re getting a better deal when services are combined in a single bundle. For instance, you might combine support with newsletter creation. Make the price just slightly less than each service alone and clients are more tempted to take you up on the offer. Plus, this allows you to provide even more services to your clients.

Talk to your clients and ask what types of services they need. Offer to create a custom bundle with two or three of the services they need most. The custom offer and bundling helps convince them to buy.

Explain Cost Savings

Clients usually avoid ongoing support due to their budget. They feel it’s an expense they can skip. Provide them with a detailed cost analysis of how much they’ll save by buying a support package. Include every possible element. For instance, if a client tries to change their theme on their own, explain how plugins and custom coding may not work correctly. This could result in a loss of visitors and revenue.

Your clients may not realize how simple changes or updates can affect their site’s performance. All it takes is a few bad performance days to drive traffic away. Explain how buying support could fix all of these issues and ensure optimal performance of the site.

Offer Discounts

Everyone loves a discount. Convince clients to buy with a special offer. For instance, if the client buys an annual support package versus a monthly one, give them 10% off. This locks them in longer and makes them feel like they’re getting a much better deal. If you have multiple types of support packages, such as monthly checkups and optimization support, offer a discount if the client buys more than one.

Offer Better Functionality

Some clients might still balk at basic support and maintenance. Having a cutting edge site might be more important to them. If this is the case, explain how your support package works to increase functionality on the site for a better user experience. For instance, on a magazine style site, upgrading to the Conductor plugin could make it far easier for clients to arrange their content for maximum exposure.

Explain how new plugins, themes and search engine changes are always being released. It’s vital to a site’s performance to upgrade on a regular basis. With a support package, the site will always be up to date with the latest and greatest for better functionality and performance.


Creating a detailed cost and time analysis is the perfect start to convincing clients to buy ongoing support packages. Add in multiple support levels and package types and it’s even easier to convince them. With the right preparation, it’s not difficult to make support packages one of your best revenue streams.

Give your clients more with a support package built for them. Start by offering to install the Conductor plugin for an easier to manage site. 

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  1. re: “everyone loves a discount”
    Assuming individual licences for premium theme+plugin(s) are paid for by client for use on the website that a consultant is customizing for the client AND the theme+plugin(s) already come with annual support, do you think any additional discount should be incorporated into the consultant’s support package?

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