It’s tough knowing where to begin to learn WordPress development.

The lines become even more blurred when we start talking about the right way or the wrong way to develop on WordPress. Much like everything else, the answer usually ends up being: it depends. It depends on what you’re trying to achieve, how it scales, and how users will interact with your code.

Most of all it depends on your skill set and experience with languages such as, but not limited to:

  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • WordPress*

I asterisk WordPress because, as we’ll learn, there are varying methods (loosely: standards) the contributing community has agreed upon throughout software’s lifecycle. Hence, the WordPress way or otherwise. This resource guide isn’t a step-by-step practice, but a collection of sources that can help you launch and expedite your WordPress development journey.

Learn WordPress development

I expect this list to grow over time and I invite you to comment below to have your favorite resource added.

Learn to develop on WordPress 1 - WordPress Codex

Website resources

The sites listed are general in purpose and serve a wide audience. You will find a lengthy range of development advice and documented code from these resources.

  • The WordPress codex – arguably the first place you should visit if you’re a newbie WordPress developer
  • WordPress developer code reference – Probably the second place you should look.
  • WPBeginner – A great resource for beginner code snippets and tutorials.
  • Tuts+ WordPress tutorials – A large resource of free tutorials from the folks at Envato.
  • – A WordPress hook/API searchable reference
  • WordPress StackExchange – Chances are you will find more advanced conversation going on here, but great for leveling up.
  • WordPress on Github – You can get straight to the source here (no pun intended.) I also recommend searching on Github to find other interesting projects that might aide you in learning.
  • – Brian Krogsgard and contributors offer a solid mix of industry news, op-ed, and WordPress know-how.
  • WPLift – Offers many guides to using WordPress and a variety of plugins.
  • – The folks behind ManageWP have built a link sharing resource for the community.
  • Torque – A source of news, editorial, and tutorials for WordPress.
  • Sitepoint – Sitepoint also has a great list of in-depth tutorials and WordPress knowledge.

Learn to develop on WordPress 4 - Tree House

Paid resources

If you’re looking for something more structured and to the point, check out these sources.

  • Team Treehouse – Paid training and education for developers.
  • Tuts+ Paid Courses – A paid offering from the Tuts+ network.
  • – Offers up courses for the beginner to advanced user.
  • WPSessions – Is a monthly membership service operated by Brian Richards.
  • – Arguably the world’s largest online software training company.

Learn to develop on WordPress 2 - Tom McFarlin

Resources by community members

I wanted to give vocal and passionate community members their own section. Each provide their unique twist for learning WordPress development.

  • Tom McFarlin – A daily blog of WordPress development goodness.
  • Mario Peshev – A great source for some deeper technical topics.
  • Curtis McHale WP Theme Tutorials –  Insights to more than WordPress themeing,
  • Bob Dunn of BobWP – Bob doesn’t dive too deep into code, but publishes a lot of free tutorials for the beginner. There’s also a podcast & paid resource available.
  • Eric Mann – Publishes deep-dive WordPress development posts.
  • Chris Lema – Articulates how WordPress and WordPress plugins can be used by solving real-world use cases.
  • Bill Erickson – Talks a lot about using Genesis and provides tutorials on the matter.
  • Pippin Williamson – Provides a wide range of WordPress tutorials.
  • Yoast – You’re more likely to find SEO and web marketing tips here, but it’s still relevant for your collection of bookmarks.

Learn to develop on WordPress 3 - Carrie Dils

WordPress podcasts you can learn from

Also directed by active community members, I’m grouping this separate because you interact with it differently.

  • Genesis Office Hours – Hosted by the illustrious and eloquent, Carrie Dils.
  • Apply Filters – A joint effort by Pippin Williamson and Brad Touesnard.
  • WP Dev Table – Hosted by Jason Resnick and Bronson Quick.
  • Matt Report – While it’s not developer focused, the show features developers that teach the audience how they launched their business.
  • WP Tavern’s WordPress weekly – Hosted by Jeff Chandler. While it’s not developer focused it is a great resource to keep up with news in the industry.
  • Dradcast – Hosted by Brad Williams and Dre Armeda. Keep up with industry news and tips for WordPress development via bar-tricks.
  • WP Watercooler – A roundtable style of WordPress discussion hosted by Jason Tucker.
  • WooCommerce Office Hours – Hosted by Daniel Espinoza and talking all things WooCommerce development

Learn to develop on WordPress 5 - Professional WordPress development

WordPress books

A list of books that might help you get to where you need to be.

Learn to develop on WordPress 6 - WordCamp Central

Community efforts

Here’s a list of community resources that you can access online and in person.

  • WordCamps – The #1 in person community event for WordPress
  • WordPress Meetups (Boston) – Checkout for your local monthly meetup.
  • WordPress TV – Are recordings from various WordCamps from around the world.
  • Advanced WordPress Group – A prominent WordPress developer group on Facebook.
  • WordSesh – A 24-hour live stream of WordPress presentations from around the globe.
  • WPMentor – A free community to find a WordPress mentor or to help others.
  • WP ThinkTank – A quarterly discussion regarding the future of WordPress.
  • PressNomics – Annual conference for WordPress entrepreneurs.
  • PrestigeConf – Recently launched premium interactive business and career development conference.
  • WooCommerce Conference – Recently launched conference for WooCommerce developers.

What’s your resource?

Have we missed an important book, URL or webshow on your list?

Let us know in the comments below and add your trusted source for learning WordPress development.

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  1. Great roundup. We’d like to invite to visit our site and if you find it to be useful, we appreciate if you can list our website to be part of the list 🙂

  2. Thanks for this great overview of sources to learn and educate oneself in WordPress development. Another greatly detailed and easy to understand source for beginners, but for german speaking folks only, is – here you are able to learn the basics as php, css etc. and how to compile your own WordPress theme step by step.

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