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Conductor version 1.1.3 was released this morning and contains Customizer support for WordPress 4.1.

WordPress 4.1 Customizer Support

WordPress 4.1 is scheduled to be released today. This WordPress release brings about many changes to the Customizer, including movement towards a complete JavaScript API, which we think is awesome!

The features that the core team have added will help shape Conductor, and other plugins, in the future. They’ve made it easier for the Customizer to know when sections/panels are “open” and “closed”. These elements now have “states” attached to them which means we no longer have to have our own functionality to open/close sections or panels.

For Conductor, this means that in version 1.1.3 we’re now using these enhancements in our code to remain parallel with WordPress. This WordPress release focuses on shifting users towards the Customizer to make changes to their site. Since we’ve already been there for a while, we can continue to remain on track with that focus.

Having issues after upgrading?

We have tested version 1.1.3 extensively across many versions and variations of WordPress. If you encounter any unexpected issues after upgrading, please let us know by submitting a support ticket.

Official Changelog

  • WordPress 4.1 Support:
    • Fixed a bug where a previously conducted content layout did not display correctly in the Customizer Previewer on initial load (WP_Customize_Setting::post_value() was empty)
    • Adjusted Conductor helper buttons to use new Customizer API functions to interact with panels, sections, and controls
  • General:
    • Fixed conflict with Note CSS in Previewer
    • Adjusted some source code formatting


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