Introducing Query Tags, Query for the Current Logged In User

Today we’re introducing a new feature to Conductor called query tags. This is a feature that will let you query content for the current logged in user. This type of functionality has long been requested by our customers. We’re happy to announce that these types of queries are now possible in Conductor! Query tags are supported on all post types and Ninja Forms entries.

Update to the latest version of Conductor and the Conductor Query Builder Add-On to start using query tags in your queries. You’ll also need to update the Ninja Forms Add-On if you plan to use query tags on Ninja Forms entries. Read on to learn more about the new query tags feature.

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Conductor and Note – Version 1.3.0

We’ve been working hard during the past few months to add some exciting features to Conductor and Note. We’re happy to announce that both were just updated to version 1.3.0 and they are packed full of improvements and new features.

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