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We’re happy to announce the latest update to Conductor, version 1.1.2. This release features some small UI improvements as well as a few bug fixes.

General Improvements & Bug Fixes

In this release, we adjusted the CSS on the UI buttons that we insert into the Customizer Previewer window to make sure there weren’t conflicts with more advanced theme styles. The UI buttons have a higher z-index value, which means they are “closer” than other elements in a 3-D perspective.

We also placed the “Edit” UI buttons within single Conductor widgets to ensure that your Conductor Widget layouts were not broken in the Customizer. Previously the “Edit” UI buttons caused layout/display issues within the Previewer window.

Among the UI improvements, we also fixed a bug where our Conduct_Widget() function may not be declared in some cases. Thanks to Jason Resnick for his feedback.

Our content layout and Conductor Widget display preview icons have had some CSS improvements to better account for “quirks” mode display (see our post on Quirks Mode). Thanks to Jeff Chandler for his feedback.

Conductor Widget Bug Fixes

This release also brings about some improvements and bug fixes to Conductor Widgets.

Previously, certain browsers would render single Conductor Widgets that were 1 revision behind in the Customizer. This means that your previous widget settings were displayed in the Previewer window instead of the new settings. As of version 1.1.2, your single Conductor Widgets are up-to-date in the Previewer window.

We also fixed a bug where newly added Conductor Widgets’ accordion sections were not properly controlled during a session upon saving the widget data under Appearance > Widgets.

Your Feedback Helps

We’re committed to listening to you, our audience. Your feedback has been amazing so far and will continue to help shape Conductor! If you have any feedback that you’d like to share with us, you can do so on our help desk.

Having issues after upgrading?

We have tested version 1.1.2 extensively across many versions and variations of WordPress. If you encounter any unexpected issues after upgrading, please let us know by submitting a support ticket.

Official Changelog

  • General:
    • Fixed a bug where the Conduct_Widget() function may not be defined and the Conductor_Scripts_Styles class would throw a fatal PHP error; Thanks Jason Resnick
    • Fixed a bug with content layout preview displays in “quirks” mode; Thanks Jeff Chandler
    • Adjusted CSS for Conductor Widget display previews to ensure better display in “quirks” mode
    • Adjusted CSS for Conductor Widget UI Buttons displayed in Customizer
    • Fixed a bug where front page could not be conducted properly if “Your latest posts” was selected
    • Fixed “Conduct” link on blog layout in Conductor Options
    • Adjusted priority on template_include filter to attempt to prevent conflicts with other plugins
  • Conductor Widget
    • Fixed a bug where single Conductor Widget instances were 1 revision behind due to hidden input element “change” event not triggering; debounced event handler functionality
    • Fixed a few PHP warnings on output elements
    • Fixed a bug where accordion sections were not controlled properly on newly added widgets
  • Customizer
    • Fixed a bug where Conductor UI buttons altered layout of single Conductor Widgets


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