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Conductor version 1.2.1 was just pushed live and contains enhancements for developers and some minor bug fixes.

Global $post

Since its inception, Conductor has never used the global $post variable that developers have become so familiar with. That is, until today. Conductor now uses the global $post variable in all Conductor Widget loops.

We also restore the original global $post variable after each and every Conductor Widget loop with wp_reset_postdata() to be sure that other logic (outside of Conductor) isn’t interfered with.

So what does this mean for me? Well, if you’re not a developer, Conductor will continue to work as it has in past releases. For developers, if you are using any of the Conductor actions or filters, you can now reference the global $post data as necessary for the current post in a Conductor Widget loop.

Your Continued Feedback Helps

Lisa Snyder alerted us to two issues which we were able to fix in this release. She realized that not all of her single Posts were appearing in the Conductor content layouts dropdown. After a bit of searching, we found that Conductor was referencing the Page count for single Posts instead of the Post count.

She also pointed out that Conductor Note Widgets were not displaying shortcodes correctly on the front-end. We added a do_shortcode() wrapper to Conductor Note Widget content to make sure that shortcodes were displayed properly.

Deyan Petrov submitted feedback regarding excerpts. He let us know of a bug where excerpts were not properly trimmed on WordPress installs using Cyrillic text. Thanks to this feedback, we revamped the Conductor Widget excerpt logic to function similarly to WordPress’ wp_trim_excerpt().

We also previously received some helpful feedback from James Laws regarding Conductor CSS and other enhancements. We’re working to improve our CSS in a future release.

Your feedback has certainly helped shape Conductor and will continue to do so moving forward! If there is any feedback that you’d like to share with us, you can do so on our help desk.

New Conductor Helper Button UI

In version 1.2.1, we’ve improved the Conductor helper button interface to make it less intrusive.


Having issues after upgrading?

We have tested version 1.2.1 extensively across many versions and variations of WordPress. If you encounter any unexpected issues after upgrading, please let us know by submitting a support ticket.

Official Changelog

  • General
    • Use global $post during all Conductor loops
    • Fixed reference to incorrect function in Conductor_Widget_Query class
    • Fixed a bug where page count was referenced for single Posts in the Conductor content layout controls dropdown; Thanks Lisa Snyder
    • Fixed Conductor “Edit” helper button bug where widget section would not open in the Customizer
    • Adjusted CSS for Conductor “Edit” helper buttons
  • Conductor Widget
    • Introduce “conductor-widget-wrap” and “conductor-widget-single-wrap” CSS classes to Conductor Widget wrapper elements
    • Revamped Conductor_Widget::get_excerpt_by_id() to use WordPress logic for trimming excerpt; Thanks Deyan Petrov
  • Conductor Widget Query
    • Introduced Conductor_Widget_Query:reset_global_post(); used primarily on “single” Conductor Widgets
    • Introduced Conductor_Widget_Query:the_post(); used primarily on “many” Conductor Widgets
    • Allow functions outside of PHP classs to be used as callback functions for output elements
  • Conductor Note Widget
    • Added do_shortcode() wrapper around Conductor Note Widget template content; Thanks Lisa Snyder
    • Added ‘conductor_note_tinymce_plugins’, ‘conductor_note_tinymce_toolbar’, and ‘conductor_note_tinymce_placeholder’ filters
    • Fixed CSS bug where Conductor Note Widget columns would inherit Conductor styles on conducted posts
  • Conductor Templates
    • Fixed reference of primary sidebar in data-sidebar-id attribute on content-before.php Conductor template


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