Conductor and Note – Version 1.3.0

We’ve been working hard during the past few months to add some exciting features to Conductor and Note. We’re happy to announce that both were just updated to version 1.3.0 and they are packed full of improvements and new features.

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Note 1.2 Release Special Offer

Note version 1.2 is now available on Get it now.

There are some great features that are introduced in this version which make the core plugin and our Conductor plugin even better. To celebrate the 1.2 release, we’re offering a 20% off discount when you upgrade to Conductor Business and above. You can use the code: ELCAPITAN20 to save 20% off your order.

Let’s explore what you can do with with Note 1.2!

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Note Plugin 1.2 Beta

Long live the WordPress customizer.

By now, you’ve probably heard the reactions from developers and powerusers in regards to the sharp focus on the WordPress customizer. Wether you’re for or against the customizer, there’s no doubt this is an interesting “transition” time for themes & plugins.

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Conductor was born in the customizer and we’re committed to innovating in this space. In today’s Note plugin beta preview, we’ll take a look at what we’re introducing in the upcoming 1.2 release. Skip to the end to download 1.2 beta.

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