How To Convince Clients To Signup For Ongoing Support Packages

After a project is complete, you don’t want your clients to disappear.

Selling them ongoing support packages allows you to retain clients while ensuring their sites work properly. Convincing them to buy isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

Once you explain how many benefits there are, most clients are eager to buy ongoing support. After all, it saves them money over time.

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5 Great WordPress Plugins You May Not Have Heard About Yet

Whether it’s making the design process easier or helping your clients better manage their own site, you’ll probably find a WordPress plugin to help.

Some plugins are better than others and these five great WordPress plugins are quickly becoming must haves for many developers and designers. These are great additions to the already popular plugins many sites already use.

If you haven’t already tried at least one of these, make it a priority to add one to current or next project. It could be just what you’re client is looking for.

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How To Use Stats To Sell Your Clients On WordPress

Nearly a quarter of all websites use WordPress as their chosen platform, yet many businesses are hesitant to try it.

The open source content management system is simple to use, yet powerful enough to run some of the most popular websites in the world. Many developers have chosen to specialize in WordPress for the flexibility and simplicity of the platform.

If your clients still aren’t comfortable with switching, try sharing some WordPress stats with them. The numbers alone are impressive and are enough to sway most clients.

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Using Conductor to streamline the workflow of inspiring annual fundraiser event

2015 was my third year as attendee and planning committee member for the Philly Women in Tech Summit. Philly Women in Tech summit (PWITS) is a one day program that, at the core, is a fundraiser for Tech Girlz. The 2015 event theme was Inspiring Women to take a Chance and raised $35,000. The 4th annual event was one of 100+ events that were scheduled as part of Philly Tech Week 2015. My focus as an attendee this year was participating in the hands-on sessions about GIT, Javascript, Sublime Text, + SMACSS. The event sold out at 300 tickets and we ended up having 150+ people on the waiting list.

For the past few years as a member of the event marketing team, my planning committee role was to manage the website.

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How To Help Your Clients Get More Email Subscribers

Part of building a dedicated following to a site is encouraging visitors to subscribe to regular emails.

After you’ve created a site for your clients, they may want you to help them find ways to get more email subscribers. Increasing subscribers is part design, part marketing and part content.

Boosting subscribers for your clients isn’t difficult. By making a few design changes and helping with content, your clients’ email lists will grow.

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7 Great Business Tools For Agencies

Web design, development and marketing agencies have a wide variety of tools at their disposal for more efficient projects.

From managing projects to simplifying code and design, you have options for making every project a little easier. These tools are cost effective and can shave hours from your usual project time.

While there are hundreds of great tools, these seven are some of the most valuable for agencies. Try them yourself today to see how much they can help you.

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How To Help Clients Get Their Content Completed Faster

Content is a common delay with design and development projects.

Clients keep putting it off for a variety of reasons. It’s up to you to help your clients complete the content faster.

With your help, there are several ways to jump start content creation and finish outstanding projects. This also helps clients with their content in the future.

Meet With Clients

Sometimes clients aren’t able to complete their content because they don’t know what to write. One or two meetings can boost their creativity. The idea of the meeting is to get the client talking about their site. Instead of the design, ask questions about the company, what they sell, their target audience, common questions their customers have and what their goals are. All of these are perfect starting points for Home, About Us and FAQs pages.

Record the interview and give your client a copy of the interview. They can use this to craft their own content. If you provide copywriting services, you could use it to write the content for them. It may take multiple meetings to get all the data necessary for you or the client to finish the content.

Suggest A Writer

If your agency doesn’t offer copywriting services, partner with a copywriting agency. You can recommend the agency to clients to help them finish their content faster. Your clients may have an idea of what they want to write, but aren’t sure how to phrase it or make it SEO friendly. A professional copywriter not only knows how to write copy that performs well on line, but they stick to deadlines. This ensures you get the content for the site in a timely manner.

After the project is finished, the client can continue working with the copywriter. Their site stays full of fresh content. It’s all thanks to you introducing them to a writer to begin with.

Teach Them To Upload Content

Many of your clients have never uploaded content to their own website. You may already have a temporary site set up for them to upload their content. The delay might not be the content itself, but learning how to use the system. Provide detailed training for your clients on how to upload content to pages. For instance, a step by step guide on using WordPress’s dashboard goes a long way towards motivating clients to be proactive about content creation.

If the site is finished and waiting for content, teach them how to upload content into the various sections of the site. It’s intimidating for clients to figure out how and where to upload each snippet of content on the home page or make sure articles are formatted correctly. Guide them through the process. Ask for a few pieces of content in order to create a custom guide.

Make Organizing Content Easy

Your client has finished their content, but now has no idea how to organize it on the site. They don’t know how to make their latest post show up in the middle column versus the right. Maybe they want to place a blog post on the front page, but are waiting to upload until they learn how to do it. Implementing the Conductor Plugin is a good way to give your clients more control over their content. More control means they’ll be inspired to create content faster to fill in each section of their site.

Clients don’t need to understand code to use the plugin’s features. All they have to do is point and click to choose layouts, content settings and display styles. Of course, you’ll need to show them how to use it the first time to make sure they’re comfortable using it. You can also use it yourself if clients are providing you with content. It helps shorten content organization and page layout time.


All clients need is a little boost to get their content finished faster. With a little assistance and training, clients will produce their content in a more timely manner so you can finish projects without content delays. Helping them now could lead to long term relationships, especially if you offer writing services.

Make it even easier for clients to manage their own content with the Conductor Plugin. Learn more about how to implement the plugin into the sites your agency creates.

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5 Ideas to Increase Agency Profits

5 Ideas For Agencies To Increase Profits

Increasing profits is always a top priority for agencies, but it doesn’t mean you have to increase your prices.

The best way to see revenue increase is by going beyond the main design and development services. Offering more to clients means you retain those clients without doing entirely new custom projects.

There are a variety of ways to increase profits that bring extra value to your clients. They remain happy and you benefit from additional business on an on-going basis.

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Easy WordPress Directory Pages
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Creating a WordPress Directory Page

WordPress is a great solution for creating directory websites.

Contrary to popular belief, directory sites can be delivered in more flavors than just a Yelp knock-off. A lot of the agency work we produce is focused around displaying content across a website or intranet for content publishers. We often see this delivered in the form of a Geo site that requires a display of local businesses in their area, but it can also be for many types of content.

A variety of use cases for directory pages could be team pages, custom e-commerce inventory listings, membership listings, sponsorship pages, or even restaurant food menus! You have a common custom post type (CPT) and it has associated custom fields holding unique pieces of content that go beyond the standard editor text area.

In today’s lesson, we’re going to learn how we can build a simple directory page layout using Conductor and the Pods framework. Let’s get started!

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5 Major Struggles For Online Publications

Online publications don’t have quite the same needs as other websites.

These sites require special considerations to best meet the needs of the site’s audience. With content changing daily or even hourly, it’s vital for online publications to have fast, well designed sites to beat out their competition.

Most of these sites struggle to find the perfect balance of profit while building a larger loyal reader base. It’s up to the design and development agencies they work with to anticipate these struggles and create the ideal online home for their client’s publication.

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