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Meet Jason Resnick of WP Field Guides

Today’s Conductor Spotlight shines on Jason Resnick of WP Field Guides.

Jason’s podcast and newly launched product is poised to help other WordPress developers get a little bit better at their development process. We’ll discuss how you can improve your deployment process, start a dev journal, and offer clarity for thew new web developers coming into this space.

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Customize the Patricia Genesis Child Theme

Customizing any WordPress theme is getting easier with Conductor.

In this demonstration, we show you how you can extend the very popular Web Savvy Marketing Genesis Child theme, Patricia. Rebecca’s team develop a host of amazing Genesis Child themes and this non-profit focused theme is one of their most popular.

Please note: Conductor works with any theme from Web Savvy’s collection!

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How to start an affiliate program

Let’s cut to the chase about starting an affiliate program — it’s not as easy as you think.

I’m not even talking about the technicality of choosing a platform, but more so, the logistics of operating one. Other’s might say you need to have a strong moral compass as well. Some years ago we launched an affiliate program and immediately saw an increase in sales. It’s what happened next, that we weren’t prepared for.

In today’s article, we’ll explore if an affiliate program is right for you and which platform to choose for your WordPress product.

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DIY Resource: Learn WordPress development

It’s tough knowing where to begin to learn WordPress development.

The lines become even more blurred when we start talking about the right way or the wrong way to develop on WordPress. Much like everything else, the answer usually ends up being: it depends. It depends on what you’re trying to achieve, how it scales, and how users will interact with your code.

Most of all it depends on your skill set and experience with languages such as, but not limited to:

  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • WordPress*

I asterisk WordPress because, as we’ll learn, there are varying methods (loosely: standards) the contributing community has agreed upon throughout software’s lifecycle. Hence, the WordPress way or otherwise. This resource guide isn’t a step-by-step practice, but a collection of sources that can help you launch and expedite your WordPress development journey.

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PodsCamp: A Seed For The Future

Pods is powerful.

It’s one of those plugins that bring content and content management of WordPress to a whole new level. We’re able to go beyond posts and pages to extend the content we store and display. You might build something like a real estate website using WordPress and then Pods to create the Custom Post Type with the fields that are associated with a normal listing. Something like price, MLS # and square feet could easily be added using the Pods plugin.

Pods helps you do that. Easily.

I’m just scratching the surface, but that’s generally how many of us get exposed to custom fields in WordPress. Pods goes beyond that, so check out it’s full capabilities here.

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COH Episode 1

We’re starting a new series of a webshow called, Conductor Office Hours.

We’ll hold these events every Thursday at 12PM Eastern. Well almost every Thursday, the next is scheduled for October 9, 2014. The show will cover new announcements for the plugin, upcoming releases, and how-to methods for using it on your WordPress website.

Here’s a look at episode 1.

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Customizer: Communicating with the Previewer

Throughout the development of Conductor, we wanted to make sure that we remained parallel with WordPress and the direction that core was headed in. We feel that the Customizer is the future of WordPress, even though it may need an overhaul eventually. In this series we’ll talk about the in’s and out’s of the Customizer functionality Conductor uses. The first bit of tech that we’ll be talking about is how we are able to communicate with the Previewer window within the Customizer.

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