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Customize Genesis Themes with Conductor

Genesis is the most popular WordPress framework on the market.

Not only do they offer a comprehensive offering of WordPress themes for your business, their framework empowers you to build sites more efficiently. There is one caveat, however. You still need to be a developer to create custom layouts for your content. Sure, you can dig through their vast and well documented support pages, but sometimes you need a solution that will do it for you.

You can do this with the Genesis add-on for Conductor.

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Announcing Symphony and new pricing

We’re happy to announce our latest addition to Conductor, Symphony start theme.

Symphony is a great starter theme that will give you more control over building your next WordPress project. We’ve baked in some really great features that unlock when you’re using Symphony along side Conductor. A feature request we hear a lot is for the user to control the typography of Conductor widgets. Now you can do that and a whole bunch more with Symphony + Conductor.

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How to create a services page in 5 minutes

Creating a services page in WordPress is one of the most common steps when putting together a new business or marketing website.

It’s the place where your customer goes to learn more about you and what you have to offer. It’s critical that our offering looks clean and that it’s easily readable. It’s also important that creating pages like this don’t take a lot of time, because we’ll end up fine-tuning them as our business chugs along.

In today’s tutorial, we’ll show you how to create simple services pages in WordPress using our Conductor plugin.

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The 5 W’s of Conductor Sidebars

How do Conductor sidebars work?Let’s find out!

We’re not doing anything different with our sidebars than that of core WordPress. They are traditional sidebars that help us build the layout containers on a theme — and we’ll explore that in today’s lesson. When we built Conductor, we wanted an easy way to transport our content layout & display from theme to theme. Most WordPress builders bake this into their theme, which for the most part, locks you into a starter theme. Switch out of that theme and you lose your custom layout.

Not with Conductor.

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Wrangle custom post type organization

Conductor Spotlight is back, featuring Jonathan Christopher of and WordPress shop, Iron to Iron.

You’d be hard pressed not to use Custom Post Types if you’re managing a lot of content with WordPress. It’s one of the features that really makes WordPress shine as a content management system. Though creating CPT’s isn’t the easiest of tasks. Then there’s the whole management and visual organizational structure of custom post types.

How do we do this eloquently and effectively?

Enter the Hierarchy plugin from today’s spotlighted guest. We’ll dive into why Jonathan created this plugin and how he manages his work/life balance.

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